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Seems legit
September 18, 2014 / 0 notes

Someone asked me if I had that cold that everyone has been getting because they saw me having an anxiety attack.

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fuck the league community tho

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teacher: y r ur eyes red
me: allergies
teacher: yea ur allergic to that dank ass kush
me: hell yea
teacher: hell yea

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drake got me thinkin bout my ex and i dont even have an ex

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Anonymous said: Idk how old are you, so just pretend I'm your age. I love cute and simple things like dating on a park, or just at home eating pizza, laughing,cuddling. I love hugs and kisses, holding hands. I like music, books, stupid jokes and playing with ur hair

I’m 20. Needs more pokemon and gaming but all that sounds nice. ^-^